Greetings! Thanks so much for dropping by. My name is Selina Zwolsman (Selina Zed if it’s easier), and I’m the Brisbane-based artist hiding behind the Very Zed logo.

As you may have guessed by my portfolio, I’m a chicken-loving lady with a passion for colour, texture and pattern. I’m not a professionally trained artist, but my qualifications and decades of experience in interior design certainly influence my work.

I have seen many rooms brightened by art and houses transformed to homes with the installation of meaningful pieces. I know that a painting, cushion or clock can spark joy and delight, and bring a day-changing smile to the homeowner and their guests.

I sincerely love making every mark in each of my paintings and hope the joy in the process is evident in the end result. If my pieces stop your scroll, invite a curious squint at the mark making or inspire a smile, my job is done. And if a painting or print makes it to your home, you’ll know you’ve sparked a smile over here, too.

Selina Zwolsman