Looking for some original, Australian-made art?

Trying to find the perfect gift for a poultry-loving person?

Need to add some digital quirkiness to your branding or book project?

You’ve come to the right place. I’m Selina Zwolsman (Selina Zed if it’s easier), and I’m the Brisbane-based artist sitting behind the Very Zed logo.

As you may have guessed by my portfolio, I’m a chicken-loving lady with a passion for colour, texture and pattern. I’m not a professionally trained artist, but my qualifications and decades of design experience certainly influence my work.

I’ve seen many rooms brightened by art and houses transformed into homes with the installation of meaningful pieces. I know that a painting, cushion or clock can spark joy and delight, and bring a day-changing smile to the homeowner and their guests.

I sincerely love making every mark in each of my paintings and hope the joy in the process is clear. If my pieces stop your scroll, invite a curious squint or prompt a grin, my job is done. And if a painting or print makes it to your home, you’ll know you’ve sparked a smile over here, too.

I’m currently building an online store to sell original paintings and embellished prints. In the meantime, feel free to:

Selina Zwolsman Very Zed

Have you seen my latest Instagram posts?

This bovine is bound for the USA this week... 🇺🇸 Hope you like it, @robincox_rehoboth_ranch.
#cow #cowpainting #watercolourpainting #watercolourcow #santagertrudis

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And then there’s this pair... Cow and calf from Pinnacle Park Speckles... 💕
#cows #cowpainting #watercolourcow #veryzed

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😮It’s not a chook!!! Challenging myself with some bovine paintings... 😬 First up was this un-cow looking creature from @cactus_hill_poultry. What do you think?
#cow #highlandcow #cowpainting #watercolourcow #veryzed

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I’ve painted many beautiful hens and roosters over the last twelve months, but few were as challenging as this commission for @hensofmadisonmeadows. Sabre is an #ayamcemani rooster – glossy black from tip to toe, this gorgeous gothic fellow had me awe-struck 🤩 and stumped 😬. I hope I’ve done him some justice with this coloured pencil portrait. What do you think? ...

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This sweet little Silkie is part of the @furnfowlsilkies family. Button is her name, and cute as a button she is! 😍 I’ve always had at least one Silkie in my flock (my golden girl, Sunny, is the matriarch right now), but never a snowy white one like this. Might have to add one to my wish list!
#silkie #silkiechickens

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Why did I wait so long to paint a Polish chicken? Had so much fun with this gorgeous specimen from the @crested_chicken. Definitely one I’ll be coming back to. 😍
#checktheattitude #strikeapose #polishchickens

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Finally got to finish Pingu from @chooks_in_town. What do you think? Did I do her justice?

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When I asked the owner for the name of this handsome roo, she said he simply gets called ‘My Big Beautiful Boy’. Kind of fits, doesn’t it? 😍 If he was boss of your henhouse, what name would you give him? ...

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Finally got to finish another drawing! Meet Mochi (@littlehenandco). What do you think of this colour pencil portrait? ...

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Another colour pencil poultry portrait: meet ‘Sally’ from @thepoodleandthehen. ...

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Happy Mother’s Day! 🤍❤️🖤 I haven’t had much time for drawing or painting lately, but I finally got around to finishing this piece this morning. This is my little rooster, Basil. He’s way cuter than I’ve captured him - definitely one I’ll come back to when I’ve worked out this white on black style. ...

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Something a little bit different today. Here’s a coloured pencil and ink portrait of the lovely Gelsomina from @allevamento.cocincina. I’m setting myself a challenge to complete a grid of ‘white on black’ poultry portraits. 🤍🖤🤍 What do you think? ...

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And here’s my ‘Molly on a Mug’... 💕 Now live online at RedBubble. ...

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I’m having a heap of fun setting up goods on RedBubble 😁, but I am missing my paints and inks. 😟 I’ll square up my grid and start sharing a new collection of paintings soon... ...

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The lovely Lavender from @theluckycluckers is sitting pretty on this tote. 💜 ...

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‘Home is where the hens are’... ♥️💕🧡 ...

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And here is Wim from the @foodloversfarm - how does he look on this Cockadoodle-clock? ...

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#mothersday is a May event for those of us in Australia, so I’m playing around with a few designs that I wouldn’t mind receiving from my (not so little) kids. If you like this one, you’ll find it on RedBubble (follow the link to my website in my bio). ...

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Last pic of the #plymouthrock... I’m thinking a series of all black and whites would be fun. Which breeds should I start looking for? ...

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A detail of the #plymouthrock I posted earlier... I spend a lot of time on conference calls in my ‘real job’, so detailing each and every feather is more than art - it’s a survival strategy. 😳😬🤓 This is my kind of meditation. What’s yours? ...

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