In March of 2022, this scruffy mess of fur joined the Zed family and changed our world. Beau the Bordoodle is my constant companion and the best work mate a gal could wish for.

My little dog – a heartbeat at my feet.

Edith Wharton

I now understand entirely the heart-space that our furry friends hold and treasure the opportunity to capture the character traits of your best buddies in my illustrations and paintings.

I work primarily in two mediums for pet portraits.

The black and white illustrations are created with an old-school dip (nib) pen and premium archival ink on the highest quality Bristol board. Each and every stroke is laid down with love, creating a timeless portrait that suits most interior styles.

The coloured portraits are digitally painted and hand-embellished with gouache or metallic watercolours. This method lets me get creative with patterns and colours and work with you to design a piece of art customised to your decor.


Black and White Illustrations




Coloured Paintings




Black & White Illustrations

Coloured Paintings